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Individual & Dual Sports I

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Essential Discipline Goals
Develop an acceptable level of fitness and an understanding of the components of fitness and an appreciation of the life-long value of fitness through personalized physical education activities
Develop through a purposeful physical education experience a more positive self-concept appropriate to social and emotional behaviors, self direction and an appreciation of individual differences
Develop physical skills and acquire knowledge of efficient and creative movement through participation in a sequential program of varied activities and develop an appreciation for the value of this type of movement
Develop an awareness of safety practices and procedures
PE.IDSI.         Individual and Dual Sports I
Grades 10-12
Standard         Indicators
PE.IDSI.10.    Exercise Physiology—Students will demonstrate an ability to use scientific principles to design and participate in a regular, moderate to vigorous physical activity program that contributes to personal health and enhances cognitive and physical performance on a variety of academic, recreational and life tasks.
Develop an acceptable level  
                         of  fitness 
                                    PE.IDSI.10.01.a         Demonstrate 
                                    improved levels of health related  
                                    fitness through fitness regimens PE 1.12.2
                                    PE.IDSI.10.01.b         Demonstrate improvement  
                                    in the skill-related fitness components PE 5.12.1
                                    PE.IDSI.10.01.c         Effectively participate in 
                                    vigorous team activities
                        PE.IDSI.10.02            Demonstrate an understanding of 
                        each of the fitness components and the benefits 
                        physical activity as  they relate to specific team sports 
                        activity and personal fitness
                                    PE.IDSI.10.02.a         Evaluate personal 
                                    fitness performance
                                    PE.IDSI.10.02.b         Develop the skill related 
                                    fitness components
                                    PE.IDSI.10.02.c         Evaluate activities in terms 
                                   of fitness benefits
PE.IDSI.20.    Biomechanical Principles—Students will improve their movement effectiveness and safety by applying the principles of biomechanics to generate and control force.
PE.IDSI.30.    Social Psychological Principles—The student will demonstrate skills essential for developing self-efficacy, fostering a sense of  community, and working effectively with others in physical activity settings.
                        PE.IDSI.30.01            Demonstrate an appreciation of
                        individual differences and the positive relationships 
                       that can be established and enhanced through physical
                       activity experiences
                                    PE.IDSI.30.01.a         Value participation in 
                                    activities with individuals of varying skill levels, 
                                    cultural backgrounds, race or gender PE. 3.12.5
                                    PE.IDSI.30.01.b         Adjust performance relative 
                                    to differences among individuals in 
                                    characteristics such as to strength, speed, size 
                                    and skill level
                        PE.IDSI.30.02            Demonstrate socially acceptable 
                        behaviors including: respect, cooperation, 
                        responsibility, honesty and a positive competitive spirit
                                    PE.IDSI.30.02.a         Value peer assistance by 
                                    using classmates’ comments constructively in 
                                    an effort to enhance performance PE 4.12.1, PE  
                                    PE.IDSI.30.02.b         Support peer leadership 
                                    PE.IDSI.30.02.c         Encourage others to display 
                                    good sportsmanship as leaders, participants 
                                    and spectators PE 3.12.2, PE 3.12.4
                                    PE.IDSI.30.02.d         Demonstrate a competitive 
                                    spirit that strives to win fairly and accept defeat 
                                    PE.IDSI.30.02.e         Respond appropriately to 
                                    ethical and unethical behaviors demonstrated in 
                                    the activity setting PE 3.12.3
PE.IDSI.40.                Motor Learning Principles—Students will explain 
                                    and demonstrate how motor skills are learned 
                                    and proficiency developed through frequent 
                                    practice opportunities in which skills are 
                                    repeatedly performed correctly in a variety of 
PE.IDSI.50.                Physical Activity—Students will participate in a 
                                    regular, personalized purposeful program of 
                                    physical activity to gain health and cognitive/ 
                                    academic benefits. They will learn and utilize 
                                    principles of exercise physiology, social 
                                    psychology and biomechanics to design a safe 
                                    and effective program consistent   with their 
                                    health, performance and fitness goals.
                        PE.IDSI.50.01            Recognize the benefits of life-long
                        fitness activities through personally designed 
                        programs and team sports participation
                                    PE.IDSI.50.01.a         Evaluate long-range fitness 
                                    and activity goals consistent with personal skill 
                                    PE.IDSI.50.01.b         Evaluate specific activities 
                                    that address fitness needs and increase 
                                    competencies for life-long participation
                                    PE.IDSI.50.01.c         Students will be able to 
                                    identify the benefits of community activities that 
                                    contribute to   personal fitness goals and 
                                   maintenance of wellness
                                    PE.IDSI.50.01.d         Analyze time, cost and 
                                   accessibility factors effecting development of a 
                                   personal fitness plan
                        PE.IDSI.50.02            Participate in activities in a safe 
                        manner following rules and procedures
                                    PE.IDSI.50.02.a         Recognize a safe 
Adjust behaviors to reflect 
                                    safety and consistency with rules
                                    PE.IDSI.50.02.c         Demonstrate proper care 
                                    and use of equipment
PE.IDSI.60.                Skillfullness -  Students will enhance their ability to  perform a variety of skills and applications by developing fundamental movement skills, creating original skill combinations, combining skills effectively in skill themes, and applying skills to a variety of recreational and daily life experiences.
                        PE.IDSI.60.01            Demonstrate competence in the 
                        individual skills fundamental to the playing of a specific 
                                    PE.IDSI.60.01.a         Analyze individual 
                                    performance and skill as they relate PE 2.12.2
                                    PE.IDSI.60.01.b         Execute sport-specific 
                                    beginning and intermediate skills essential to 
                                    the successful participation in the activity PE 
                                    PE.IDSI.60.01.c         Execute self-designed plan 
                                   of skill improvement
                                    PE.IDSI.60.01.d         Demonstrate improvement 
                                    in individual skills PE 6.12.4
                                    PE.IDSI.60.01.e         Apply intermediate and 
                                    advanced skills successfully in game and 
                                    competitive situations PE 6.12.2
                                    PE.IDSI.60.01.f          Analyze personal and peer 
                                    performance of specialized skills PE 2.12.1
                                    PE.IDSI.60.01.g         Analyze performances 
                                    through video tape, rubric scores, computer 
                                    software, and design a plan to improve 
                                    performance PE 4.12.4
                        PE.IDSI.60.02            Demonstrate knowledge and skills 
                        essential in applying the rules and strategies of
                        specific games
                                    PE.IDSI.60.02.a         Develop intermediate and 
                                    advanced offensive and defensive strategies 
                                    specific to the sport
                                    PE.IDSI.60.02.b         Apply specific game 
                                    strategies to situations that effect the positive 
                                    game performance
                                    PE.IDSI.60.02.c         Analyze strengths and 
                                    weakness of various game strategies and make 
                                    appropriate application decisions
                                    PE.IDSI.60.02.d         Apply rules to game 
                                    PE.IDSI.60.02.e         Analyze rule application as
                                    an official 
                                    PE.IDSI.60.02.f          Spontaneously alter  
                                    performance in games based on perceptual 
                                    feedback and knowledge of the activity to gain 
                                    an offensive or defensive advantage PE 6.12.2